Why a Professional and High-Quality Web Design Is Important for Your Business

When building a website for your business, you should invest in a professional and high-quality design. The advent of WordPress has led many webmasters to use a free web design. There are nearly 5,000 free themes available to download at the CMS’s official repository, not to mention the countless free themes distributed by developers.

Whether your website is powered by WordPress or a different CMS, though, you shouldn’t build it with a free web design. A professional and high-quality web design is a smart investment that will help your business succeed in several ways.

Promotes a Trustworthy Brand Image

You’ll project a more trustworthy brand image for your business if you invest in a professional and high-quality web design. According to the digital marketing agency Blue Corona, nearly one in two internet users say web design is the leading trust factor for websites. Upon loading your business’s website, visitors will immediately look at its design to determine whether they can trust it. With the right web design, you’ll earn visitors’ trust and confidence.

Makes Your Business Stand Out

A professional and high-quality web design will make your business stand out. Regardless of your business’s operations, you’ll probably encounter competitors that sell similar products or services. Virtually no business operates uncontested in its respective market. You can make your business stand out, however, by investing in a professional and high-quality web design. When you hire a developer to create a theme or template for your business’s website, you can specify the color scheme, menu layout, graphics and other design elements. As a result, no other website will feature the same design.

Allows for Easier and Faster Updates

You can update your business’s website more easily and quickly if it features the right design. Free themes and templates don’t receive the same level of attention from their developers as premium themes and templates. If you use a free theme or template, you may knowingly break some of your website’s functionality when performing updates. For smoother updates, use a professional web design that’s actively maintained by the developer.

Protects Against Hacking

Research shows nearly 1 million websites are hacked each month. If your business’s website is hacked, the person or organization behind the attack may use it to serve malware or steal your business’s data. With that said, some web designs are more vulnerable to hacking than others. Free web designs offer the least amount of protection against hacking. Developers spend less time creating and maintaining them, so security vulnerabilities often go unfixed. Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in free web designs by exploiting them to infiltrate websites.

Professional and high-quality web designs, on the other hand, are developed with an emphasis on security. Developers know that they’ll generate more sales if they create highly secure designs as opposed to vulnerability-ridden designs. And if a vulnerability is discovered after a design has been released, the developer will likely fix it with an update.

Offers a High Level of Accessibility

With a professional and high-quality web design, you can rest assured knowing that most if not all visitors can properly access it. Free and low-quality web designs often suffer from cross-compatibility problems. They may work when accessed on a desktop computer but not on smartphones or tablets. And with over half of all internet traffic going through mobile devices, cross-compatibility problems such as this can have a disastrous effect on your website’s traffic.

You can avoid cross-compatibility problems with your business’s website by using a professional design featuring a responsive framework. Responsive web designs are characterized by the use of fluid measurements that, as the name suggests, respond to visitors’ devices. Whether a visitor is using a PC, Mac or mobile device, he or she will see the same universal layout. Some free web designs feature a responsive framework as well, but they often contain errors that lead to decide-related viewing problems.

Helps With SEO

Web design is an important element of search engine optimization (SEO). If your website features a low-quality design, it may never achieve desirable search rankings, regardless of how much you time you spend optimizing it. Low-quality web designs support fewer on-page optimization processes than high-quality web designs. A free WordPress theme, for instance, may restrict your ability to set page titles and meta descriptions. You can perform these and other on-page optimization processes by using a high-quality design for your business’s website.

Another way in which web design affects SEO lies in crawling. Low-quality web designs are difficult for search engines to crawl because of their bloated code. Therefore, using the wrong design may prevent search engines from crawling all your website’s pages. And if Google or Bing doesn’t crawl a page, they won’t add it to their index.

Reduces Load Times

The speed at which your business’s website loads for visitors is influenced by its design. Free and low-quality web designs often contain bloated code that increases load times. Without any monetary incentive, the developers don’t care whether visitors have to wait two seconds or 10 seconds for their design to load, so they neglect to use clean code that promotes fast page loading. To ensure your business’s website isn’t plagued by long load times, you must use a professional design with clean code.

Fosters a Positive User Experience

A professional and high-quality web design fosters a positive user experience. It allows visitors to navigate and consume content more easily while also promoting fast load times. Free and low-quality web designs typically suffer from a poor user experience. They often feature cluttered menus, generic graphics, oversized or undersized text and other design flaws that adversely affect visitors’ experience.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a free design will suffice for your business’s website. While professional web designs cost money, using one will pay off in the long run. It will make your business stand out, allow for smoother updates, protect against hacking, reduce load times, offer a high level of accessibility, assist with SEO and foster a positive user experience.

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