Six Ways to Improve Your Website’s Credibility

Your website is usually the first point of contact with potential customers for your online business. As a result, you need to check that any information you provide on your website is true and accurate. Your website’s credibility is as valuable an asset as product patents, physical products, and brand name. Below are five ways to improve your website’s credibility and build trust with visitors to your site:

List Phone Numbers and Physical Addresses on Your Site

Include phone numbers and physical addresses on your site to let visitors know that you are a real business and not a bot trying to extract information from them. You can even get your business listed with Google My Business to make it easier for customers to find you when they conduct a local search. Place phone numbers and physical addresses in a highly visible section of your website, such as the top and include this information in your Contact Us section.

Include Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials help potential customers discover how well or how badly other customers view your business and what experience they have had with your products or services. While it may be tempting to include only positive reviews, list a few negative ones so visitors can see how you helped unhappy customers resolve issues. 

Have Your Own Domain Name

Having a custom domain name is one of the best ways to build credibility with customers and visitors to your website. It demonstrates to customers that you are willing to go the extra mile in building recognition for your business instead of piggybacking on other platforms. Further, internet scams, phishing, and other cybersecurity crimes have made customers wary of websites with long or strange sounding names. Investing in a domain name is one way to make your site more trustworthy.

Make Use of Verified Trust Seals and Badges

A trust seal is an image that is displayed on websites that sell goods and services. Trust seals serve to convince visitors to your site that you can be trusted. The three most common types of trust seals are business, security, and privacy trust seals. Business trust seals help to prove that your business is legitimate and reputable. Security trust seals show that your business is secure and protected from hackers. Privacy trust seals assure visitors that their private information is safe.

List any Awards That Your Business or Website May Have Won

Showcase any achievements that you, your business, or team members have made. Examples include awards for customer service or product innovation, rewards given to staff members for excelling in their fields, and others. Remember to include any press coverage your business may have received. Also, list your credentials to give your website a more professional look.

Use Relevant and Credible Backlinks

A backlink is simply a link from an external website to your own. These links are essential for driving traffic to your website and improving rankings on search engine results pages. Backlinks can also help to improve the credibility of your website, especially if they are high in number and also originate from relevant and credible websites.

In Conclusion

Your website’s credibility can make or break your business. Fortunately, there are strategies you can put in place to improve your website’s credibility and help you improve conversion rates. With the right tactics, you can build trust with visitors to your site and ensure that they consistently choose your business over your competitors.