4 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog Site

WordPress is a common host site used by people who run blogs in varying niches or industries. Although the most basic version of WordPress is free, many choose to upgrade their site for a relatively low price so they can begin earning money from their blogging efforts. WordPress regulations don’t allow for its users to monetize the free version of their website, but a little effort can make an upgrade well worth the investment. How do you monetize your WordPress blog site? The following four ways are among the most popular methods of earning money from your blog.

1. WordPress Ads 

If you upgrade your site to any paid version, WordPress allows you to earn money for the advertisements it shows on your website. Money through these is earned by impressions, meaning how many people see the advertisements. 

While this won’t earn you a killing, websites with heavy traffic can expect to earn up to a few dollars a day. Sometimes, earnings will only be a few cents. Even so, this is a residual income that requires no real input from you other than continuing to run your blog as normal.

2. Amazon Affiliates 

The Amazon Affiliates program allows people with blogs or websites to earn money for referring traffic back to Amazon product pages via referral links on your page. The program has a great new feature, which makes it easier than ever to utilize the program. The new feature appears at the top of your screen when browsing the Amazon website. If you find a product you’d link a referral link for, you simply click the ‘link’ button in the bar and copy the given link into your website. 

You earn a small amount of money for clicks or impressions through the Amazon Affiliates Program, as well as a small percentage of any sales made via your referral links. Some websites do very well with the program, while others earn a considerable income. 

3. Simple Related Services  

An upgraded WordPress website is allowed to receive PayPal payments on their websites for services offered. Offering a few simple, related services on your website can help you create an additional income in exchange for a little effort. 

4. Branded Merchandise 

Once your blog becomes popular, you should consider creating branded merchandise to sell. This allows your loyal fans to show off their love of your blog and earns you a small amount of extra money. When fans use or wear your branded merchandise, it also serves as free promotion. 


Many people find that upgrading their WordPress blog site so they can start earning money from their blogging efforts is well worth the investment. Using the four above methods to monetize your blog can help bloggers in all niches and industries begin earning. Using a combination of the above methods is most effective for your blog site’s bottom line.